Online ordering

The online ordering system uses a 'shopping basket'. You can add items to your shopping basket at any time as you browse the site, view what is currently in your shopping basket, remove items if you wish, and then proceed to purchase your selected items.

Using the online ordering system is simple; just follow the steps below. If you have any difficulties with the online ordering, there is more help available.

Step 1 Find a publication

Find a publication you would like to order.

Step 2 Place a product in your shopping basket

To add items to your shopping basket, simply click on the 'buy' or 'Add to order' button on one of our product pages. You can always remove unwanted items later on. If a product does not offer these buttons, you can order the item instead by phoning us on 01223 350555 or emailing

The shopping basket window will appear. Click on the 'add' button to add the item to your order. If a publication is available in different formats (eg printed or ePack), you will be asked to select which format you require. Click on 'cancel' to exit without adding the item.

The price shown includes post and packaging within the UK, but not VAT if applicable (eg for digital products and ePacks). If any discounts are applicable, they will be shown.

You can now choose to complete your purchase (go to Step 5), or to continue browsing the site and adding further products to your order.

Step 3 Search for further products

To continue browsing through the site, click on the 'close' button to close the shopping basket window. Use the buttons in the top left to access other parts of the site, or use the search box.

You can then add more items to your order as outlined in Steps 1 and 2.

Note that, if you have not closed your shopping basket window, you will need to click on the 'update' button to see your current order.

Step 4 View current order

To return to the shopping basket without adding to your order, click on the shopping basket, which can be found under the search box on all pages.

Step 5 Complete your purchase

When you are ready to check out, click on the relevant 'buy now' button, choosing whether you wish to be invoiced or to pay by credit/debit card (VISA and Mastercard only; note that we do not accept American Express). We are happy to send an invoice with any order placed by a school or similar organisation within the UK. Customers not ordering on behalf of an organisation, and those outside the UK, should pay by credit or debit card when they place their order.

You will be presented with a form to fill in your details (delivery address, etc). If you do not want to submit your order at this time, simply close the shopping basket window and return to it when you are ready.

Click on the 'continue' button to move to the purchase screen.

Step 6 Check and submit your order

If you make a mistake, and would like to enter your details again, click on 'back'.

Once you have completed the form and checked that you are happy with the order, click on 'submit' at the bottom of the form to submit your order for processing.

The shopping basket will then show that your order has been submitted. You will also be sent a confirmation email.

Step 7 Receive your order

Physical publications, such as looseleaf packs, will be sent by post.

ePacks and other digital publications, are delivered via download. You will receive an email within a day or two of ordering with a link to download your order.

Online publications and other services that are accessed using a username and password are also delivered by email.