Finding products

There are two main ways of finding information on a particular product or subject area: you can use the links to subject areas provided within the interface or search for a title or keyword. Once you have found the information you are looking for, you will have the option to access sample sheets or demo sites and to purchase online.


  1. Start by clicking on the level you want - either EY & Primary or Secondary & FE. You will find these links in the bar towards the top of any page within the site.
  2. Select the subject area you are interested in.
  3. You are now provided with a list of all the products within the chosen subject area. The number of items in that subject area is shown at the top of the list; click on the numbers here, or on the 'more' button at the bottom of the screen to see further titles. Icons appear next to the product titles showing their format (eg paper-based packs, ePacks, books, HTML-based resources, etc).
  4. Click on the title of a product to see further details on that title, and to access sample sheets or a demo site where available. Click on the title of a series to see details of the contents of that series.
  5. Click on your browser's back button to return to the previous page containing the list of products within that subject area. Click on the level in the top left to return to the list of subjects.
  6. Click on the 'buy' button or the 'Add to order' button to purchase online.
  7. Click on 'Home' at the top of the page to go back to the front page of the site.


  1. Enter keywords for the item you wish to search for in the search box on the right of the page. The search is not case-sensitive.
  2. Click on the » button . If your search is successful you will be provided with a list of products that match your criteria. Select a product to view the full details.