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How to order

Orders can be placed by phone on 01223 350555 or via email to perceptions@anspear.com, or by completing and returning the order form below:

The report was well-received by Ofsted when they visited. They were impressed with our continuous efforts to gain pupils’ perceptions on their health, well-being and safety needs.
Dee Pickering, Primary Deputy,
Milestones Academy (special school)

Pricing and samples

Pupil Perceptions, incorporating Readiness for Learning, is very competitively priced. The cost depends on your school’s size and type as set out below.

*Numbers of pupils exclude reception – Year 1 and above only.

Sample reports

To download samples of the PDF reports and spreadsheets generated by Pupil Perceptions, click on the links below:

Note that the individual reports are not intended to be given to pupils – they are for use by school staff and other adults when discussing individuals’ needs.

The spreadsheets include blank columns for you to fill in pupils’ attainment and progress data, so that you can analyse how the issues covered by Pupil Perceptions affect academic achievement. A sample primary spreadsheet with attainment and progress data added is provided:

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