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The report didn’t just give you group data, it also gave you individual data – so just by choosing a child we could identify what their barriers to learning were.
James Tibble, Assistant Head,
Linden Grove Primary School
Just 14% of variation in individuals’ performance is accounted for by school quality. Most variation is explained by other factors, underlining the need to look at a range of children’s experiences and well-being, inside and outside of school, when seeking to raise achievement.
Jopseph Rowntree Foundation

How it works

Simple, secure and quick to complete

Pupils are presented with a simple online questionnaire that takes around 15-25 minutes to complete. There is no software to install; simply access Pupil Perceptions via the web.

Each respondent is allocated a unique password. This enables any pupil who has given answers that may require action (eg to do with bullying or safety) to be identified quickly by the school, while making sure that no one outside the school can access personal data.

Extra support and guidance

Full telephone and email support are provided at no extra cost, and we can also provide optional face-to-face support to help you make the most of the system. For further information, please call 01223 350555 or email perceptions@anspear.com.

Clear, user-friendly reports

We analyse the results and present you with clear, concise reports that include Readiness for Learning (RfL) scores for each child and a selection of RfL Indices for groups of pupils. Benchmarking data allows schools to compare their own Indices with averages from across the country.

We also provide a detailed spreadsheet for the school to use in its own analysis, for example to identify particular groups of pupils and their potential progress inhibitors. It is quick and easy to add in your own demographic, attendance, attainment and progress data to compare with RfL Scores and Indices.

Samples of both the reports and the spreadsheets are available on the Pricing and samples page.

Safeguarding, health and wider well-being

As well as helping with academic improvement, gathering the perceptions of all children can prove to be a vital first step in improving a school’s capacity to look after its charges. The reports highlight any problems for named individuals as well as groups. Leadership teams can be more confident that they can respond appropriately to any concerns raised.

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