Musical Companions to Assembly Ideas

Roger Hurn and Jay Mathews

Add music to your assemblies

It is often very difficult to find appropriate music to accompany assemblies. In response to popular demand, we are pleased to announce that our best-selling resource series, Assembly Ideas for Harassed Heads is now supplemented with extra material to accompany the stories and poems. This material includes a set of masters that can be printed on paper or on acetate and specially composed music that enhances and complements the assemblies.

The music is designed to be listened to whilst the children come into assembly and sit quietly, as well as when they leave the assembly. Songs and meditative music to accompany the assemblies are also provided.

Colourful pictures and illustrations

The copiable masters offer:

  • a lyrics booklet for teachers
  • song sheets for pupils
  • colourful pictures that provide a visual focus for the assemblies
  • activities to bring the stories to life
  • black and white versions for pupils to colour.

Each set offers eight full collections of supplementary material from the corresponding printed pack for assemblies. These ensure that each assembly is both memorable and involving and can then lead to constructive follow-up sessions. Everything provided is designed to be simple and ready-to-use

Everything provided is designed to be simple and ready-to-use. Schools who already have the packs need only buy the Musical Companions.

Set 1

A musical accompaniment to our best-selling resource, Assembly Ideas for Harassed Heads Pack 1.

Set 2

More music designed to be listened to whilst children come into assembly.

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