Consulting Pupils about Teaching and Learning

John MacBeath, Helen Demetriou, Jean Rudduck, Kate Myers, Michael Fielding, Sara Bragg, Madeleine Arnot, Donald McIntyre, David Pedder and Diane Reay

Materials from a project funded as part of the ESRC’s Teaching and Learning Research Programme

An important development

It is often difficult to address change in schools, but pupil consultation is an ideal starting point. By collecting and acting on the views of pupils, you can:

  • respond to their requests for more autonomy and responsibility in school
  • enhance their sense of membership of the school as a learning community
  • create active learners who can work well with others
  • help develop Citizenship education.

Consulting Pupils about Teaching and Learning is a series of three publications that contain a wealth of ideas, guidance, case studies and practical advice on this topic.

Practical, whole school suggestions

Some schools are already experienced in ways of building consultation into their everyday practices, while others are interested but uncertain how to proceed. This series of publications offers practical suggestions for getting started, and ideas and support for teachers who want to explore the wider possibilities of building new partnerships with their pupils.

All the materials you need

The series consists of two A4 looseleaf resources (Consulting Pupils and Students as Researchers). Each one comes with a licence to photocopy within your institution, and includes a a range of extra files to download to help you take advantage of the guidance. These include key sections from the text and summary presentations for use with parents, governors, teachers and on courses of initial teacher training.

The project was coordinated by Jean Ruddock; co-directors were Madeleine Arnot, Michael Fielding, Julia Flutter, John MacBeath, Donald McIntyre, Kate Myers and Diane Reay; team members: Sara Bragg, Nick Brown, Helen Demetriou, David Pedder and Beth Wang. Project secretaries: Nichola Daily and Ann Curtis.

Consulting Pupils: A Toolkit for Teachers

£38Pages63FormatA4 looseleafPublication dateJul 03

This resource contains examples of a range of manageable consultation strategies.

Students as Researchers: Making a Difference

£38Pages74FormatA4 looseleafPublication dateDec 03

This looseleaf resource contains examples of students conducting enquiries into learning at a classroom and school level, evidence of the impact of their work, and guidance about ways of providing basic training in research.

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