Challenging Behaviour

Roland Chaplain and Stephen Smith

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Real support managing difficult student behaviour

Maintaining positive behaviour among students is a major issue – it can be a cause of great concern to staff at all levels. Challenging Behaviour has been tailored to meet the varying needs of those charged with managing student behaviour. This resource offers staff practical help and support in developing constructive and effective approaches to difficult behaviour.

Real support for all

Challenging Behaviour provides:

  • a wealth of versatile material for use onscreen or printed out
  • professional development resources
  • activities for staff and students.

A wealth of versatile features are included so that each resource can be used as a coherent whole, section-by-section or as a bank of materials to be dipped into.

Extensive, varied coverage

Contents include:

  • Understanding BESD – This section looks at defining and clarifying what behavioural, emotional and social difficulties (BESD) are, and how we and others perceive them.
  • Approaches to BESD:
    • Background – An introduction to the three approaches to BESD.
    • Behavioural – A method of helping pupils to improve their behaviour.
    • Attribution –A method of helping pupils to be more positive.
    • Relationships –A method of helping pupils to improve their relationships with others.

In addition, guidance on further reading is included, along with an extensive bibliography, lists of useful Web sites, and a range of supplementary digital files provided in convenient formats. Challenging Behaviour can be run across a staff intranet, installed on laptops or printed and copied for those concerned.

Ideal for staff CPD

Challenging Behaviour includes a range of activities for use during INSET – these are particularly suited for use with trainee teachers, inexperienced staff or those new to the job. Ideal for self-study or for use in group INSET sessions.


  • Introduction
  • Understanding BESD
  • Background
  • Behavioural
  • Attribution
  • Relationships
  • Resources
  • Index

About the authors

Roland Chaplain is a Senior Lecturer in Educational Psychology at the University of Cambridge (England) Faculty of Education. He is a chartered psychologist and has worked as a teacher and a headteacher. His research is primarily concerned with behaviour management, motivation and stress in schools. He is an educational consultant and has worked in many schools and local authorities, offering workshops on behaviour management, stress and teacher effectiveness.

Stephen Smith is Professor of Special Education at the University of Florida (USA) Faculty of Education. He previously worked as a classroom teacher, teaching students with mental retardation and behavioural problems. His research focuses on behaviour management techniques, cognitive–behavioural training to reduce aggression and the use of self-management procedures in classrooms. He also works as a mediator for the University of Florida Center for Dispute Resolution.