Ancient Greece

Stewart Ross

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A lively introduction to the topic

This pack provides pupils with an essential grounding in the world of Ancient Greece. This forms a springboard for open-ended, less structured work within any scheme. The text is easy to read and understand, so that pupils can work independently. It highlights and explains new vocabulary and provides activities for assessment.

Versatile, well-presented material

The pack teaches pupils to use sources and to understand the concepts of change and continuity. Teacher's notes and curriculum references are provided.


Who were the Greeks?

  • Marathon
  • Greek Civilisation
  • How do we know?

Greek Cities

  • City States
  • Citizens and Slaves
  • Farmers and Traders
  • Ships and the Sea

Everyday Life

  • Change
  • Houses
  • At Home
  • Women in Ancient Greece
  • Children
  • Sport

Gods, Scientists and Philosophers

  • Gods and Goddesses
  • Myths
  • Philosophers

Truth and Beauty

  • Art and Architecture
  • Drama and Literature

Warriors and Conquerors

  • War
  • Man or God?

The Greek Legacy

  • Gifts from the Past

Teacher's Notes

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