20 British Rulers

Stewart Ross and Sue Shields

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This beautifully illustrated publication introduces Key Stage 1 children to History in an accessible, entertaining and memorable way. Built around the National Curriculum, the pack has teacher support material, which includes background information, activity ideas, teaching tips, extension work and curriculum references.

Supplementary material allows groups or whole classes to produce large, illustrated timelines and maps, which help to establish the concepts of chronology and place. Each worksheet is depicted in large, clear pictures and explained through a ‘Factfile’ using simple vocabulary. All are cleverly characterised to enthuse and challenge young children.

20 British Rulers is designed to help pupils explore the lives of significant men and women drawn from the history of Britain and the wider world. It covers 20 carefully selected rulers spanning the whole of British history.



  • Queen Boudicca
  • King Alfred the Great
  • King William the Conqueror
  • King David the First of Scotland
  • King Henry the Second
  • Prince Llywelyn Ap Gruffydd
  • King Edward the First
  • King Richard the Second
  • King Henry the Fifth
  • King James the First of Scotland
  • King Richard the Third
  • King James the Fourth of Scotland
  • King Henry the Eighth
  • Queen Elizabeth the First
  • King Charles the First
  • Oliver Cromwell
  • King James the Second
  • Queen Anne
  • King George the Third
  • Queen Victoria



Pictures of Rulers

List of Rulers

Teacher's Notes

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