Local History

Richard Maltby

£30 / 22Pages55FormatPaper-based / ePack
ISBN: Paper-based 978 1 85749 044 2; ePack 978 1 84070 408 2

Key guidance and information

An ideal extra resource for any Key Stage 2 teacher, Local History shows pupils how to investigate the past in their local area. It encourages pupils to find out how their local area was affected by the Second World War, and how it has changed over time. The pack includes versatile worksheets, detailed teacher's notes and case studies to help pupils understand how to approach particular topic areas.


  • Teacher's Notes
  • Introduction: War on the Home Front 1930-1945
  • Key Issue 1: Life before the war
  • Key Issue 2: Children's lives in the war
  • Key Issue 3: Air-raids
  • Key Issue 4: Rationing
  • Key Issue 5: Work on the Home Front
  • Key Issue 6: How did the war change my area?

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